Thursday, October 2, 2008

My 3 Weeks Sem Break... Meeting Bloggers...

Still in my second week of holiday. 10 days left for me to "enjoy". Well i didn't really enjoy during my holiday. Just stuck at home and facing my laptop most of the time. Mostly, playing some of the games in Facebook such as Blood Lust, Elven Blood, Mob Wars

Neway it's a good thing that i have started my own blog during this holiday. I just reliased that blogging can be really fun and the best thing is you get to know a lot of bloggers. Among the bloggers are Fengy, Hocan, Kaixen (a very young and smart boy), Shin Chan (own very own Malaysia Shin Chan) =p , ang3l, Mesha, Karena, Carrie, Claire (food lover) and many many more. I'll be doing daily blog visiting. wiwi~~

This is the POWER of blogging... ^^

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