Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Spaghetti, Nieces, & Pet Society

Today i have spaghetti for lunch. Although the spaghetti doesn't looks like those at the 5 star restaurants, or high class Italian restaurants, plus the "superb" quality of the pic taken from my camera phone, the taste is still delicious. Usually it's prepared by my sis, but this is the first time my mum prepare for us. First time already delicious, second or third time can open already restaurant. Hahaha. wiwi~~ Maybe next time i'll cook for them. Hope they won't get food poisoning from my spaghetti. =p

After edited with Picasa... =p
After having a great spaghetti lunch, i continue back to my usual routine that i have been doing during my entire holiday- surfing the web, facebooking, blogging, busy body other peoples blogs, chatting, and watch english and hong kong drama. Not long after that, my cousin came over to visit my mum bringing 2 of her cute daughters.

"Sis, what is our uncle doing?"

"He's taking our pic, we gonna be the next malaysia top modal!!!"

"Then, i'll pose with a SWEET smile~~"

"I'll pose with my cool and serious side look"
"How? Yeng or not?"

*After finishing with several shots.....*

"Sis, what's uncle doing now?"

"Hmm... Let me investigate into this case..."

"WHAT!!! Uncle is playing Pet Society" -.-lll Caught Red Handed!!!

"i'm flooded with gifts!!!" wiwi~~
Pet society is an application available at facebook where u adopt a pet, play with it, decorate its house, make new friends, and even participate in racing competition with others...


Arrowouiz said...

The spaghetti looked nice .... ^^

vincent2903 said...

the spaghetti looked nice but the taste is nicer hahaha!!! ^^ i like spaghetti. YumYum!!!

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