Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Wishing all people Happy Chinese New Year and a Moo Moo Year!!!
Have a safe journey during this festive season and enjoy all the food and most importantly ANGPOW!!! Who want give me angpow, i still haven't marry Haha!!!
At Malacca now and will be back Klang on the 3rd day of CNY...
See ya!!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Shop for CNY clothes - The Mines

Went to The Mines shopping centre yesterday with my friend to hunt for CNY clothes.
LAST MINUTE shopping and there's discount here and there... Even G2000 with 50%!!!
Walk the whole Mines and bought 2 clothes from Hang Ten... Also got 50% discount.

The main reason i walk into Hang Ten is because there's...

*guys don't drool and nose bleed in front of your PC

Of course its not the real person there, just a poster of her in front the shop cause she's modeling for Hang Ten...

The CNY deco at The Mines
My friend, Alex Chong still single and up for grads!!! While stock last...

We even watch Underworld3. Not bad,not bad... Just wasn't what i expected.
It's more like a prequel to Underworld1...
Also got some Twilight romance element - Vampire and Human.
The difference is, Underworld3 is romance between Vampire and Lycan.
Lycan is like the upper class of Werewolf, i guess... Click here if you wanna know more about lycan... LOL!!!
Check out their official website here. Very cool and got games to play. I suck at those games!!!

After walking for hours, our energy almost run out and we decide to eat...
Alex wanna eat KFC and i wanna eat McD and i end up dabao my McD and dine at KFC Haha!!!
Imagine if McD and KFC are one big HAPPY FAMILY!!!

"We are FAMILY!!!"

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Power Rangers Mystic Force... LoL!!!

Went to The Mines Shopping Centre last month. Yes, last month!!! My first outdated post!!! Gratz to myself... ^^
Neway, bump into something "amazing" while window shopping there...
The heroes for all under aged kids are in town - Power Ranger Mystic Force!!!
Quite excited actually cause anticipating some silly action and... er... i mean stylish pose and power kicking action flying punching actions!!!

Power Ranger Mystic Force~Yeah!!! (sarcastic tone) -.-lll

MC and the crowd

Green Ranger!!! Yeah!!! (sarcastic tone)

Blue Ranger and Yellow Rangers!!! Yipee!!! (sarcastic tone again...)

"Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon!!!"

"Wonderful & Striking Group Pose"

Try to get attention from the crowd
"I can't hear yoooouuu....."

The crowd. Luckily we are not the only youngster there.

"Go, Go, Power Ranger Mystic Force!!!"

Leave during the show cause they're teaching the kids about their transforming posture and i don't wanna get involved in it...

Saw my favourite McD... Yahoo!!! (not sarcastic this time)

My vanilla ice cream~ Yum Yum!!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

CNY Deco at Mid Valley

Yesterday, went to Mid Valley to meet up with my diploma friends.
Manage to capture a few pics of the deco there...

Later we went to a place that look like this...
Take a wild guess by looking at 2 pics...

Bright light leading to heaven?

UFO's on top of me...

Know where?
Additional tips :-
- they serve quite expensive snacks, drink and fruit.. RM25 for a plate of fruits... o.O
- lots of noise, laughing, dancing, eating, and maybe sleeping like me? neway i juz feel sleepy =p
- there's people with good voice and maybe screamer or people with lousy voice like me... -.-lll

If you guess karaoke, that's good for you. Neway, no prizes or free voucher for guessing correct...
Sing at Neway, Puchong till 3am something only can back to have a good rest... =p
My eye bag... @.@ i wake at 7am something that day...

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Pineapple Tarts

Chinese New Year is just around the corner and I'm making pineapple tarts. Well, not entirely the whole process but it's still consider i'm making it right... =p

Playing with flour

Put on "dough coat" for the pineapple pastry

Put on "egg make up"

Then into the "tanning chamber"

Nice "tanned skin" YUMMY!!!

All pack and ready to be export...

Nice or not the pineapple tart that i MAKE... Haha!!!
Ning, u better read this post since u request for it. If not, i made pineapple tarts out of u. Haha!!!

Sneak Peak...

OMG!!! i didn't update for so long... Sorry, sorry and paiseh...
By the way, promise to blog something tomorrow...
Here's some preview what i going to blog...