Thursday, November 27, 2008

Derma = Donate...

I'm blog visiting just now. After posting a comment on NinG's WinK WinK blog, i then proceed to the word verification.

To my surprise, the word "derma" appear which means donate in Malay.
Walao, asking me to donate after posting coment.
I give out something (comment) and in return asking me for money.
Why using the same concept as public washroom... -.-lll

Click on the pic to see what i write on the "word verification" box... =p

Next time i check the word verification first before posting any comment... T__T

P/S : Aiya, i know i'm making a big matter out of this... Haha!!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Hardest Question!!!

Yesterday, i just finished my Pendidikan Moral test. I don't understand why i still need to study Moral in Uni although i'm quite bermoral... hahaha!!! (PROUD!!!)

Neway, the test is OK and the hardest question is not in the Pendidikan Moral test.
Its after the test and DECIDE WHERE TO EAT!!! That is the hardest question everytime after class.

After much discussion, we decide to go to Fanwah Restaurant and eat. After circling around a few times to look for parking, we found a nice spot.
When we reach there, its PACK WITH PEOPLE!!!! -.-lll

Back to spot No.1 again, discuss where to eat. My friends are having "general meeting" in the middle of the road to find solution for the "HARDEST QUESTION".
Finally decide to go to Mahkota Cheras and eat.
Didnt take any pics coz i'm damn hungry. -.-lll


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Presentation Time...

At last hand up 2 assignment this week. No need last minute work again. Wahahaha!!!
Can continue to enjoy my life again...

Here are the pics from my group presentation about Nike...
Pics are send to me by Ann Nee...
Pics are taken by Anonymous, claimed by Ann Nee but i don't remember i have a classmate with that name... -.-lll

Explaining the Nike's Headquarter...

Why am I posing like a dungu in this pic... -.-lll

Hours before the presentation starts, we take a few pics in the class...

Playing zombie-zombie in the dark...

James Bond wannabe and the babes...

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Rushing for Assignment!!!

Sorry to all cause i haven't update my blog lately due to lack of event in my lame life and busy with assignment now... Haha ^^
Rushing for assignment now cause next week have 2 assignment dateline... ARGH!!!
Last minute again... My style, The Malaysian Style...