Sunday, October 5, 2008

Target of Paparazzi???

I'm being target of paparazzi in my class last year... LOL!!!
This is the first time i post my pic in this blog... =p


Photo of me and a mysterious long hair beauty sitting together. Neway, she's juz my classmate.


Erm... Erm... I think i looked cool in this pic. Again, the mysterious beauty is beside me and she's also a sleeping beauty. ^^


CAUGHT!!! In front of the camera... That bright striking colour is NOT my bag, just to emphasize again. Haha!!! And i look like an idiot in this pic compare to the second pic... -.-lll


Arrowouiz said...

I can't see your face clearly ?

vincent2903 said...

Oh... let me find a nice pic of myself first and i'll post it... coz i'm not photogenic enough... =p