Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ginger Chicken Rice

Rain heavily during dinner time but just for awhile. The weather nowdays change 180degree easily. Can't predict it. That's the Malaysia weather. Despite heavy rain, my housemate and I went to Sg Long Restaurant to eat.

Upon reaching, straight away went to the stall that i usually order the Salted Fish Meat Rice. Standing there a couple of seconds thinking what to eat. Should i eat Salted Fish Meat Rice again???

Suddenly the boy at the stall called me "Leng Chai, what u wanna eat" in Cantonese.
I look at him, he look at me. Both of us exchanging sparking electric stare. Those who cross between us, sure will get an electric shock of their life. No one can separate both of us.... Ok ok, i know you don't believe me. This paragraph is just the "blow water" part.

The uncle then suggest Ginger Chicken Rice for me. So i give it a try.

Taste quite nice and perfect to eat during the raining day because the ginger makes your body warmer during the cold. Syok!!!


Christine said...

Man..ur 'blow water' part memang vy geng !!^^ GOOD! GOOD! that para can let me imagine that funny moment...

vincent2903 said...

christine, my blow water skill still average level only haha!!! i want to continue by saying "then both our faces moves slowly towards each other and.. " walau!!!

i write also feel geli!!!

Christine said...

Hahaha...Keep on mah..^^
Like that your readers while reading..also can laugh until stomachache jor lor..
For me i will said,This man very funny,imagination Geng! XD

Josephine said...

I am hungry leh....

vincent2903 said...

christine, wait keep continue that story like the Broke Back Mountain alr... =p my imagination sure very geng coz i practice it everyday through day dreaming hahaha!!!

josephine, too bad i cant treat u eat... only can see the picture... u can use your imagination to eat it virtually =p