Thursday, October 16, 2008


Feel bored the other day so i went to this web and play around. Some of you may already know For those who don't know can look at the sample below... LOL!!!

See which one you think is the funniest... Haha!!!

The Bad Boy Look

James Bond Style with Specs

Super Ah Beng Look

Smart Ah Beng Look

Shining Smooth Hair Look

Holy Shit!!! My Hair kena BOOM!!!

Rich Playboy Look??!!

Holy Crap!!! Ah Gua Look!!!

Alleycats Look??

Another Ah Gua Look... -.-lll

Smart & Stylish Look

Holy Shit!!! What Kind of Hair Style is this?

Fat version of ME... T.T


Christine said...

OMG!!! last pic like big mama... XD

vincent2903 said...

lol Big Mama... look at my double chin -.-lll

actually i'm very thin only... i don't want to be fat!!! ARGH!!!

Ann Nee said...

you are so damn free... !
i wanna go visit the web now ...
hahahhaa ...

vincent2903 said...

ann, class just start only... so relax a bit first haha... ^^

Christine said...

Then once in a blue moon..act like big mama will do..
because u too thin jor.. ^^

vincent2903 said...

christine, big mama very hard to control body movement oh... wait i roll down the stairs -.-ll

Ann Nee said...

lol.. become my bowling ball ok ??? ahahaha ...