Friday, September 26, 2008

HeRoeS SeaSoN 3

Woah!! Just watch Heroes season 3 "The Second Coming" and "The Butterfly Effect". After waiting and anticipating for centuries, at last it has come. For me, its better than striking a lottery ticket. wiwi~~ The series is excellent, perfect, marvellous!!! Yah, i know i'm a bit exegerating. =p

For those who don't know about Heroes series, let me explain a bit. Uhm, uhm.... This series is about a group of ordinary individuals who discover they have superpower and abilities, and also explores the changes these abilities bring, and their roles in saving humanity and the world.

Well, sounds a bit like X-Men at first but its totally different from X-Men when you watch it. After watching season 1 and 2, i become addicted to it already. The best english series i ever watched. In season 1, a group of heroes have to save a cheerleader from a villian and then save the world. Save the cheerleader, save the world. That's the motto for season 1.

This is the pretty babe who plays the cheerleader in Heroes. Fewiiit!!
Claire Bennet played by Hayden Panettiere is 1 of the main character.
Her ability is rapid cell regeneration. Means she's able to heal herself when she's injured. That makes her almost invincible. That's why she becomes a target of Sylar, the badass villian who want to obtain her power.

Judging by the looks of his face, you can straight away know that he's the bad guy. He's Sylar play by Zachary Quinto and his ability is intuitive aptitude. Sylar is able to learn others abilities by cutting their head and study their brain. Yes, cutting their head and study their brain. Yuck!!! That's why he has several abilities such as telekinesis, freezing, enchance hearing and others. Neway he's still one of my favourites. wiwi~~

Just gonna introduce this 2 character cause if i start to introduce all of them, there will be no ending. Like "chu chu" train lenght. Those who haven't watch this series, i recommend it to u all. Won't disappoint u guys and girls out there. Satisfaction guarantee. But no money back guarantee and warantty. Haha. =p

For those who are interested can watch it online at here


Syimah said...
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Syimah said...

Elo! Just dropping by to say hihi!! i also watch heroes at TV.. i also like! I like peter petrelli tapi dier bodoh sikit lah. haha! i also like Hiro Nakamura. He Funny!!

By the way, I am Maple friend oso Msn. U gave me mah. I long time nvr play maple...cabal oso.. I am noobie. lol!

vincent2903 said...

haha thanks syimah for droping by in an old post...

my favourites are hiro, sylar, and matt and nathan... haha so many...
now got season 3 alr... got to watch it!!!

cabal i retired alr lol... maple now got serious hacking case... sigh... neway, wish u have a nice weekend... ^^