Thursday, December 4, 2008

Jaya Jusco, Bukit Tinggi

Last Sunday, went to Jaya Jusco, Bukit Tinggi with my friend. Plan to watch a movie there but ended up eating donuts at Big Apple Donuts because all the shows all FULL!!!

Holy Crap!!! A donuts cost RM2.20!!!
So, we bought a box of 6 cost RM11.50.
All the donuts are chosen by my friends and you can see that all are not-so-colourful type.
One of the donut even taste like "Ham Chim Peng" @ Salted Pan Cake... LOL!!!

But still, many people still enjoy the donuts.
I personally also like donuts very much, just the price is killing me softly... T__T
Here's the crowd waiting to buy donuts...

After that, we went to Popular Bookstore to find any interesting books to read since its a
"public library"... Wahahaha!!!

Too scary for me... T__T

Too girly for me... -.-lll

Too childish for me???

After spending some time inside the "public library", my friend told me that he's hungry.
We then went to the food court to satisfied his hunger...
This is his nasi pataya with beef meat slices on top of it.
I just like a hungry little puppy looking at him eat.. T__T

We then went window shopping and walk till our legs pain and not my wallet pain. Haha!!!
Before calling it a day off, my friend said he wan dabao some donuts for his nephew and niece.
Went back to Big Apple Donuts and manage to capture a few pics...

This is the queue paying their parking ticket.

P/S : The last pic is not my intention to capture all the guys asses... Thank you... >.<


ClumsyQueen said...

Hey...Big Apple may be a little expensive but it is worth to splurge on such heavenly delicious donuts...mmm...yummilicious!!! hahahaha...pai seh!!! Food...especially beautiful looking food is hard for me to resist(T.T)

vincent2903 said...

yeah, you are right... they're really hard to resist especially those colourful and sparkling wan LOL!!!

the donuts hypnotize me to buy them... T__T

Josephine said...

So, which type of books u like?
FHM magazine? Motor Trader?

Ning said...

reading doraemon is good! good for health! it makes u laugh like madcom muahahah =Dtrodital

vincent2903 said...

josephine, FHM magazine is not suitable for little kids like me hehehe!!!

i used to read Galaxie but now more into msia politic... ^^

it will be wonderful if msia approved the magazine starting with "P" wahahaha!!!

vincent2903 said...

Ning, read shin chan better ler...
very funny and naughty kid... >.<

Anonymous said...

haha my latest entry is about Big Apple donuts too! =P

vincent2903 said...

yes kenwooi, i saw ur post too... hahaha!!!

Ning said...

ohh my coursemates dl shinchan cartoon! and guess what! they sitting in front of me! so i getto watch tooo muahahah =D

vincent2903 said...

Ning,, tak sangka still got dip student dl shinchan and watch... my housemate all dl hong kong drama hahaha!!!